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Change of Company Name for Shanghai WFOE

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Shanghai, as the most dynamic cosmopolitan city, embraces more and more foreign companies. It is an irresistible trend for more enterprises flow into this city and grow their businesses.
In China, the importance of finding the right name is as true for companies as for individuals, as highlighted by name approval being the first step in establishing a company in China. But what happens when the name originally selected for your business, for one reason or another, needs to be changed? This article compiled relevant information of company name for your reference.

The general structure of a company name
-[Admin. Division]+[Trade Name]+[Industry]+[Organization Type]
An example naming structure of a WFOE:
[Shanghai]*+[Trade name]+[Consulting]+[Co., Ltd]
*Alternatively, the administrative division can be placed in brackets after the Trade Name or Industry, e.g. XXX Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  This is permitted for foreign-invested enterprises only.
The structure of a company name is standard for all parts except for the Trade Name. However, specific requirements govern one’s choosing of this component. For instance, the Trade Name must use Chinese characters (it is prohibited to use Latin characters/pinyin or Arabic numerals) and should contain more than one character. Unless approved of by SAIC, the company name may not contain any of the following:  “中国”(China), “中华”(China), “全国”(National), “国家”(State), “国际”(International).

Where a change to the name of a parent company affects the registered information of its branch company(s), an application must also be filed for a change to the branch company’s registered information. A subsidiary is not able to bear independent civil responsibility and therefore should take the company’s name followed by the word “Branch” (“分公司”、“分厂”、“分店”等字词). Applications must be made within 30 days of the change to the parent company’s information and with the branch company’s original SAIC body of registration. This must be signed by the company’s legal representative and accompanied by a copy of the company business license affixed with the company seal.

Change of Company Name for Shanghai WFOE is not that easy as expected, for more information about change of the company name, please feel free to contact us, we are glad to offer our professional services for you.

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