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US Trademark Registration Materials

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When registering a U.S. trademark, it may generally include words and designs. However, we suggest that you should give priority to English text. The reason is that, when dealing with the registration of American trademarks, queries about existing American trademarks (including registered and unregistered ones) are mainly text-based. This makes it difficult to judge whether your logo is identical or similar to an existing American logo.

Materials for US Trademark Registration

A. The applicant's detailed information (Chinese and English), including the name or name, as well as the detailed address, contact information.            

B. Applicant's electronic version of trademark logo.

C. Name and category of the applicant's commodity.

The applicant submits a declaration of genuine use of the trademark, stating which products or services will be used with the relevant trademark (intended to be used).

Procedure for US Trademark Registration

A. After the submission of the application, the application date and application number will be awarded if the legality of the application documents, trademark designs, power of attorney and other documents submitted meets the requirements.

B. To examine whether a trademark is registrable, whether it is identical or similar to a previously registered trademark, and whether it violates the prohibition clause of the Trademark Law. For trademarks that do not pass the substantive examination, the examiner will notify the applicant in writing and inform the reasons for rejection. The applicant may submit for review within the time limit from the date of receipt of the notice of rejection. Otherwise, the submission of the application is deemed to be abandoned and neither the application date nor the application number shall be retained.

C. After examination, the examiner considers that the trademark application can be accepted and publishes the announcement in the United States Trademark Notice. One month from the date of announcement is the period of objection.

D. After the above procedure, the Trademark Patent Office issues a notice of allowance. Non-registration certificate: Within six months after issuing the notice of allowance, the applicant must provide a declaration of the true use of the trademark in the business or apply for the reservation of the trademark.

E. After receiving the declaration of true use, the Trademark and Patent Office shall examine it again. If it decides to accept the declaration of true use after examination, it shall issue a registration certificate. The smooth application process (if no rejection, objection, etc.) takes about 6 to 12 months.

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