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Address Change Process of Shanghai Company

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Investors wants to change Shanghai company registered address needs to go through certain procedures, next by Tannet to guide you to look at the Shanghai company registered address change process.

1.Update business license first
A.Take Shanghai registered company address and old address is the original copy of business license, official seal, fill out the change registration form, case and change materials submitted to industrial and commercial bureau, industrial and commercial bureau will provide the receipts of the enterprise, industrial and commercial bureau will place your old address change materials in the form of mail delivery to the new address of the local industrial and commercial bureau.

B.Formalities after waiting for the new address of the ministry of commerce and industry, enterprise business information to telephone notice to bring "the enterprise out of the approval notice" to the new ministry of commerce and industry to deal with concrete matters relating to address change (fill out a "change, specify a power of attorney) to register formalities after seven days to bring the notice about the relocation alteration registration to the license to obtain a new" business license "window.

2.Tax related change
A.Copy of copy of new business license, statistical form of tax payment in recent three years (by year and by tax category), official seal, audit report, resolution of shareholders' meeting, official seal, legal person seal, filling in tax registration change form.
B.Wait for the special manager's notice after completing the above procedures. Bring the company's recent accounting affairs to the special manager for verification after receiving the notice.
C.with the official seal and the new enterprise registration needs (new business license copy, articles of association, bank account opening permit, legal representative or responsible person's identity card, financial seal, Shanghai registered company's housing lease contract and rent invoice, the above are copies) to the original registered address of the administrator.
D.Enterprise take archives collection to tax bureau to deal with the formalities that register, go to window handle to the new address after revenue specific tax registration formalities (need new duplicate of the business license, legal person id photocopy, agent id photocopy, official seal and legal representative seal, etc.) and registration, after the purchase invoice can begin to normal business operations.

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