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Shanghai Company Cancellation

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When a company can't operate without capital inflow, we have to cancel it. The process of company deregistration is very complicated and cumbersome, it usually lasts for three to five months or maybe five to seven months to cancel a company if it encounters difficulties. Here is the detailed process of Shanghai company deregistration.

1. Cancellation process of Shanghai Company
A. Tax cancellation is the first step in the cancellation of a company.           
B. Cancellation of business license          
C. The cancellation of the company's social security;           
D. The company bank cancels the public account;           
E. Company tax review report;           
F. The company cancels the announcement.
2. Shanghai Company write off expenses
A.The company's cancellation is tedious
We can see from the above Shanghai company's cancellation process that there are many processes that we want to cancel a company. Compared with the registered company, the registration is easier to write off, and if there is a problem in the cancellation process, it may lead to the cancellation failure or the cancellation cycle longer.
B.Labor costs are too high
Shanghai company cancels the number of back-and-forth runs more, and the data requirements are more: if you do not understand the process of small white to deal with, it is estimated that the number of back-and-forth runs will be more, waste more time.

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