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Overseas Investment Filing of Shanghai Company

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The definition of overseas investment for filing application of overseas investment refers to the behavior that an enterprise established in accordance with the law in the territory of the people's Republic of China owns the non-financial enterprise or obtains the ownership, control, management and other rights and interests of the existing non-financial enterprise through new establishment, merger and acquisition and other means. The investment areas applicable to the approval of overseas investment projects include any investment made in any area outside mainland China.

Conditions for Overseas Investment Filing
1.Have the qualification of enterprise legal person.
2. The enterprise has no illegal record in China and good credit.
3. The enterprises have comparative advantages in capital, personnel, technology and management.

Benefits of Overseas Investment Filing Application
1、Develop overseas markets, obtain local policies or tax preferences, and speed up capital accumulation.
2、Facilitate business transfer with overseas customers, reduce transfer procedures and costs.
3、Improve the image of domestic enterprises and increase the added value of enterprises.
4、Coordinate the development of domestic and foreign enterprises and optimize the allocation of resources.

Materials for Overseas Investment Filing Application
1、The main information of domestic investment (copies of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, articles of association, ID card of legal representative and other documents of the main investor).
2、Financial statements of domestic investor (Shanghai company) in the latest month.
3、Amount of self owned funds invested by China.
4、Resolution of shareholders' meeting of domestic investor (Shanghai company).
5、Basic reasons for investment of overseas enterprises, project specification (new projects include business content, scale, product / market, supporting infrastructure, investment payback period, etc. M & A investment shall include the production and operation status, assets and financial status of the target company and specific acquisition plan, etc.
6、Chinese and English name, establishment method, business scope, industry, registered capital (proportion of Chinese shares, proportion of foreign shares), registered address and other information of overseas enterprises.
7、Application form for affixing official seal.

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