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Tannet’s Resources

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Tannet Group Limited, headquartered in HongKong, has become a multi-national and multi-industry international market entity. Tannet has equipped with group-style operation, chain management, global networking and one-stop service with three International Business Machines (IBM) covering enterprise incubator, capital operator and cultural accelerator. Tannet has been dedicated to services extending from registration to de-registration, from operation to management, from investment to financing, from going listed to de-listed, so as to establish a cross-border, multi-industry, personalized one-stop platform for enterprises.

Tannet Competence
1.With over 18 year’s development, Tannet has been equipped with certain strength;
2.Tannet, as a direct investor, could make direct investment in a project, through our design for a proposal on this project, you would have more opportunity and resources for investment;
3.Tannet has set up 20 professional service departments with closely-cooperated teams, therefore, contributing to integrated considerable competitiveness;
4.Tannet has been focusing on needs and requirements from clients;
5.Tannet has synthesized three service systems: corporate service, industrial investment and platform operation;

Tannet Professional Proficiency
1.Tannet has get ISO9001-2008 quality system certified, being the leading enterprise for the qualification in this industry;
2.Tannet is qualified for Money Service Operator;
3.Tannet obtains Investment Risk Assessment Qualification;
4.Tannet has also the license for Intellectual Property Provider;
5.Tannet has highly-professional lawyers and accountants controlled in major relevant procedures.

Tannet Resources
1.Tannet has set up a virtual capital pool with billions by the end of January of 2017, through Capital Plus Club under Citilinkia;
2.Tannet has established its own global enterprise tanks, trademark and patent tanks for transfer and projects tank for investment;
3.Tannet has been developing an active huge circle with more than 60,000 clients so far, including multi-national businesses, listed companies and local richest businesspeople;
4.Tannet has accumulated rich servicing experience for above 3,000,000;
5.Tannet has over 3,000 joint cooperators in the globe;
6.Tannet has accumulated many Successful cases;

Tannet Framework
1.Tannet has extended its national service network with branch offices in such cities as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Chengdu, Yiwu, Nanchang, Quanzhou, Xiamen and Wenchang across China and even global service network with Malaysia office.
2.Tannet has constructed well-organized structures and networks.

Tannet Platforms
1.Tannet has become a one-stop multi-industrial personalized cross-border service platform for enterprises;
2.Tannet has created a development platform for all the staff;
3.Tannet has established a enterprise application tank;
4.Tannet has developed Citilinkia (Citilink Industrial Alliance), an O2O platform, which is dedicated to inter-city alliance, industrial coalition and enterprise match-making.

Tannet Branded Advantages
1.Tannet has used its own press to issue its magazine Voice of Enterprises, which is used for reporting entrepreneurs’ business development stories;
2.Tannet has become a guest columnist or even reported object for Chinapress Sdn Bhd, Nanyang Siang Pau, , Oriental Daily;
3.Tannet has also been praised as model for innovation in a special report Development of Shenzhen for 30 years since the Establishment as Economic Special Zone at the 30th anniversary by Shenzhen Press Group;
4.Tannet has been interviewed by a program Chinese World of CCTV-4;
5.Tannet has consecutively been an invited guest of Asian Financial Forum for many years;
6.Tannet has been a long-term partner of China Urban Bureau of Commerce and CHINA MERCHANTS GROUP;
7.Tannet has been keeping brotherhood with one listed company in Malaysia;
8.Tannet has leaped from billions of turnover to more.

Contact Tannet
If you have further enquire, please do not hesitate to contact Tannet at anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling  Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-755-82143422, or emailing to

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