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Shanghai Company Business Plan

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A business plan is a written material compiled and arranged by the company, the enterprise or the project unit according to certain format and content requirements to comprehensively show the current situation and future development potential of the company and the project to the audience in order to achieve the three business purposes of the owner's independent use and operation, the project financing or investment promotion, and the project government's approval.

Four basic objectives:          

1.  Determine the nature and content of business opportunities.
2. Explain how entrepreneurs plan to take advantage of this opportunity for development.
3. Determine the factors most likely to determine the success of the business Identify tools to raise funds.

It concretizes the ideals and hopes that make entrepreneurs devote themselves to creating enterprises. The most common business plan we see is to make business plans for new enterprises. In these business plans, entrepreneurs plan the sales, operation and financial aspects of the pre built enterprise in the first three to five years. 

The business plan can be used to introduce the value of the enterprise, so as to attract investment, credit, employees, strategic partners, or other stakeholders including the government. A mature business plan can not only describe the growth history of your company, show the future growth direction and vision, but also quantify the potential profitability. 

Business plan is a planning tool, which can guide you through different stages of the company's development. An idea plan can help you identify the roadblock and get around it. Many entrepreneurs share business plans with their employees so that the team can have a deeper understanding of where their business is going.

A business plan can also help you track, monitor, feedback, and measure your business processes. A good business plan will be a living document, and it will grow with the increasing knowledge and experience of the team.

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