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Offshore Company Registration

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Registered offshore company is to point to in some regions or countries of the world, such as the British virgin ISLANDS (BVI), the CAYMAN ISLANDS (CAYMAN ISLANDS), NIUE (NIUE) (last year), the BAHAMAS, the SEYCHELLES ISLANDS (SEYCHELLES), the republic of PANAMA (PANAMA), the republic of MAURITIUS (MAURITIUS), to allow global investors in its territory on the establishment of an international business company.

1.The use of the registered offshore company planning;
b)as the holding company;
c)international trade;
d)business investment;
e)overseas listing;

2.Advantages of registering offshore companies:
a) transnational business: with the gradual integration of global economy, business is showing a growing trend of transnational business.Enterprises often use transnational business to enhance their strength and expand their business areas.The establishment of offshore companies is a shortcut for enterprises to go global, develop transnational business and improve their international image.
b) confidentiality of company information: the shareholders' information, directors' register, equity ratio and income status of offshore companies are highly confidential and protected by law, and cannot be accessed by the public.Only trust management companies legally qualified to regulate offshore companies can know their background information, and the law prohibits trust management companies from freely disclosing relevant materials.
c) facilitate international trade: if an enterprise exports products to the United States, it needs to apply for quotas and a series of related procedures, which will cost one to two times.If the company owns an offshore company, which exports products to the offshore company and then to the United States, it may receive tax exemption and tax deduction.
d) the registration procedure is simple and the company management is convenient: generally speaking, the registration procedure of offshore company is very simple, which can be completed by professional registration agency, and the registrant does not need to go to the registration place in person.Furthermore, offshore companies do not need to hold annual shareholder meetings and board meetings, and even if they do, they can choose the place freely.

3.How to choose the registration place of offshore company?
The most popular places to register offshore companies are: Hong Kong, British virgin islands (BVI), the United States, Seychelles, Marshall, Canada, Singapore, Cayman, etc.

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