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Shanghai Joint Venture Registration

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Shanghai joint venture registration is one of the common ways to set up your business. A joint venture (JV) refers to two or more parties jointly invest and own a stake respectively and share profits, operation expenses, risk and control of the company. It is jointly funded, co-operated by both Chinese and foreign investors. The following are some of the basics of registering a joint venture in Shanghai.

Benefits of Shanghai Joint Venture
(1) Rapid access to the Chinese market with resource sharing;
(2) Obtain the advanced management experience of the joining party;
(3) Expanding the scale of enterprises with the acquisition of joint venture funds;
(4) Acquire the intangible assets of the joint venture (such as brand, etc.) and marketing channels.

Name of a Shanghai Joint Venture
Name of Joint Venture can not be repeated. The industry is related with the registered capital. You should prepare more than 3 names and submit to industrial and commercial bureau. The format of name: Shanghai+name+ industry type +limited company, or name + Shanghai+ industry type + limited company.

Requirement on Registered Capital for Shanghai Joint Venture
The registered capital use subscribed capital system now, the time to paid the registered capital can be determined by the company themselves within the agreed time. If the registered capital not be paid within the prescribed time, the company will be bring into the exception list by the Industrial and commercial bureau, and the company will be given 3 years to publicity; if the registered capital still not be paid after this 3 years, the company will be bring into the black list, and the government department will take punitive measures. Therefore, please determine the company's registered capital deadline according to your company's actual situation.

Business Scope
Shanghai Company’s business scope is limited; business scope must be shown on business license; The more registered capital is, the wider business scope will be. In order to align to the WTO, Chinese government gradually relaxed the business scope, as long as the laws and regulations allow to operate. If related to specific industries, you must firstly apply for pre-approval.

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