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Shanghai Company Registration (FTZ)

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Shanghai company registration (FTZ) refers to the establishment of the erterprise located in Shanghai FTZ area, which is a compelling issue for investors. Shanghai free trade area, namely the Shanghai regional free economic zone, was set up by Chinese government. It covers Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park, Yangshan Bonded Port and Shanghai Pudong Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park and Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone seven regions.

Advantages of FTZ Registration
There are more preferential policies and greater openness in FTZ.
1. Subscribed capital system.
2. More freedom for circulation of currency in FTZ.
3. Quick approval process of import and export , report after the implementation is available.
4. Abolishing capital controls and make RMB convertible.
5. Shorter approval process.
6. Processing, production of goods and taxable services in Free Trade Area could exempt from VAT and consumption tax.
7. Financial industry could get support from the stste.

Application Documents for WFOE in Shanghai FTZ
1. Original investors’s notarized certification of the opening;
2. Original bank reference letter;
3. An annual audit report last year;
4. Copy of investor’s passport;
5. Several new company name;
6. Subscribe and invest certain capital;
7. Proposed business scope;
8. Copies of the executive director general manager and supervisors’s passports;
9. Lease contracts and property certificate of the registered address.

General Procedures of WFOE Registration in Shanghai FTZ
1. To determine the company address (you can use their actual lease address, or use the virtual register address we provide);
2. Check the names of the company;
3. The preparation of materials;
4. Officially submit documents at one-stop accepting counter,
5. Carved chapters;
6. Open a bank account and apply for the remaining documents.

As above, we can see from the above process, the differences are:
1. There is no verification link, that is, without registered capital in place.
2. The processing time is greatly accelerated.

About the compnay name
Constituting name: Company name generally consists of four parts :
administrative divisions + name + industry characteristics+organizational form

Our Service Content 
Approal //Articles of Association// Feasibility study report //Approal for Foreign Investment Enterprises //Original and copy of business license // official seals, financial chapter, legal chapter // Copy of the encarve certificate // original and copy of the organization code certificate // IC card// original and copy of tax registration certificate  // Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate// Import and export right application.

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