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Company Website Design

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When building a business website, frustration is a common experience among business owners trying to judge the quality of website design. Everyone wants to implement the best looking website, but opinions of what constitutes a great site vary. Fortunately, good websites aren’t based on opinions. They are based on evidence.

Although the look and feel of many well-conceived websites may vary greatly, good websites tend to share a number of common characteristics. The state guidelines provide marketers with a good overview and deep understanding of the wide range of web design issues they may encounter while managing a website. The guidelines provide marketers with standards that can be used to judge web design. Marketers can request that their web designers and developers follow relevant portions of the guidelines and can use them to set priorities.

For example, the four guidelines that score highest in both relevance and supporting evidence include:
1. Use an iterative design approach——Designs should be tested with customers before they are implemented. Use paper prototypes to test the design and make revisions to the design based on your findings.
2. Provide useful content——While it seems like common sense, it’s not uncommon for sites to contain a company’s sales pitch instead of the information that site visitors want, Studies have reported that content is more important than navigation, visual design, functionality and interactivity.
3. Ensure visual consistency——Design creativity must be balanced with consistency. Studies show that tasks performed on more consistent interfaces resulted in reduced task completion times, fewer errors, higher user satisfaction and a shorter learning time.
4. Use dark text on plain, high-contrast backgrounds——Use white text on dark backgrounds sparingly, People read black text on a white background up to 32 percent faster.

Once you have laid out all the aspects of your company’s website project, including th e setting of Internet objectives and strategies, you are ready to act on your content plan and implementation plan. As you go through the process, keep in mind that Internet projects are not like other marketing projects. There are specific considerations of which you must be aware——if you want your Internet marketing efforts to succeed.

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