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Business Strategy (Telemarketing)

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Telemarketing is a technique, where a salesperson tries to sell his products or services to the potential customers over the telephone. It is one of the most powerful sales tools to expand a business. But due to its misuse, it has become quite unpopular among a section of the masses.

Telemarketing Strategy Method
1. Planning and Preparation
Planning and preparation hold the key to success in telemarketing. You need to determine your objectives, and plan accordingly. Prepare yourself for some frequently asked questions. The best way is to make a draft of the details to be communicated. Rehearsal of these details is also important to achieve the desired objectives.

2. Effective Communication
To make the communication effective, use of appropriate words is very crucial. Certain words like, 'you’ or the name of your client can be very effective in grabbing his attention. Use of genteel and polite language can also play an important role in making a strong impact. Impolite language should not be used even if the client reacts harshly.

You can come up with some attractive and unique features of the product you intend to sell, and communicate these to your client. Try to refrain from explaining technical details to a non-technical customer. Communicating unnecessary details should also be avoided. Try to make the conversation interesting to hold the attention of the client.

3. Do not mislead and harass a Customer
If the client is not interested, then do not extend your conversation. Make sure that you do not disturb such indifferent clients by calling them in the future, as it would irritate them and ruin your reputation. Don't misguide your customers by creating imaginary or false stories about the product.

You should also avoid forcing your product upon the client. It is not always necessary to sell your product to every person you are calling up. Try to create an interest for your product, as this is the most important step for its sale.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Conversation
One important step towards becoming a successful telemarketer is to build up a good rapport with the client. But, this does not mean that one should indulge in unnecessary conversation. Because, at the end of the day, the customer will purchase your product if it has the desired quality. So, while speaking to the client, focus on explaining the quality of your product and services.

5. Quality Product and Customer Care Service
Ensure the delivery of quality products to your clients. Responsibility of a telemarketer does not end with the sale of a product; providing quality post-sale customer care service is equally important. The supply of quality products and customer care services would prompt the client to carry out further business transactions with you.

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