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China Payroll Service for Foreign Invested Enterprises

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China payroll service for foreign invested enterprise is indeed helpful. Payroll procedures and regulations vary greatly in each country. There are specific rules for payroll and taxation in China, depending upon whether your company employs foreign nationals or local Chinese employees. Tannet is there to guide you through the different rules and regulations, and to deliver on your behalf a smooth payroll calculation service to all of your domestic and international employees.

One of the biggest risks employers face in executing China payroll is not fully complying with the nation’s employment guidelines. Businesses often lack the local experience and foresight to circumvent common road blocks. Many businesses benefit tremendously from outsourcing their accounting, payroll and HR administration work to Tannet. 

Tannet’s Payroll Services Include:
1. Initial payroll setting up, which includes:
(1) Employer registration with statutory social benefits;
(2) Applying for employee's labour manual from relevant authorities (if applicable);
(3) Update your China entity staff's personal details;
(4) Coordinate with bank of your China entity on proper payroll procedures (if applicable);
(5) Assistant in opening personal bank account for each employee.
2. Salary calculation and net salary payment arrangement;
3. Preparation of your staff's pay slips;
4. Payroll report for your local accountant;
5. Assistant with external audits and inspection by social benefit authorities;
6. Review of payroll process, including payroll process efficiency review, tax and labour law compliance review and assistance in payroll system set up;
7. Assistance in payroll system set up;
8. Preparation and filing of employees' PRC individual income tax returns and assistance in settling any related tax liability.

Reasons for outsourcing your payroll matters
Small business owners would rather spend valuable time on sales, marketing and technology rather than necessary but tedious administrative functions like payroll. Payroll is one of those areas best left in the hands of payroll outsourcing services. Small business owners don't have time to keep up on the newest laws and rules or manage new payroll clerks. Plus, without the proper knowledge of payroll procedure and access to a sound payroll program, it's easy to make mistakes.

Contact Us
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