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Horgos Comapny Deregistration

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How to deregister a company in Horgos? In the past few months, this may be the top concern among many investors both at home and abroad who engage in film and television industry. According to statistics from the government of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, 98% of those registered business from January to September of 2017 are just registered locally without actual operations, mostly light-asset companies such as advertising, film and TV, media, equity investment, and electronics technology firms.

Loose regulations and supervision, low registration threshold and high tax breaks resulted in a surge in shell companies. Data from local media outlet shows that since June, more than 100 film and television companies have filed applications to close their operations in Horgos.

How to Deregister a Company in Horgos?
Company may be deregistered when shareholders decide to terminate the company, due to difficult business operation or financial crisis which cannot be dissolved. In China, the procedure for company deregistration is rather complicated, particularly in face of mainland customs and tax departments.

Tannet Horgos is familiar with every sector of company deregistration, so we can assist enterprise in completing the procedure of deregistration successfully and free client from worry of disturbance in the rear, by virtue of our experience of processing company deregistration in various industries.

Main Procedures of Company Deregistration Include:
Engagement of certified public accountant to audit company’s accounts;
Establishment of liquidating group;
Issuance of notice and announcement of application for creditors’ rights by liquidating group;
Tax clearance;
Recognition by relevant governmental departments;
Distribution of properties.

Closing down a company requires both time and cost. Simply walking away might seemingly save the investor these expenses in the short term. However, for investors with a future perspective on doing business in China or looking to close potentially significant liabilities, deregistering properly will pay off in the long term. Should you need help, Tannet is always here with you.

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