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The Contents of the Contract

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The contents of the contract, welcome to consult: 18101649652

A contract is an agreement between a party or two parties to establish, change or terminate a civil relationship. A lawfully formed contract shall be protected by law. The broad sense contract refers to all legal departments to determine the rights and obligations of the agreement. The narrow sense of contract refers to all civil contracts.

The contents of a contract shall be agreed by the parties and may vary according to the specific meaning of the contract. As a kind of civil legal relationship, the content of contract refers to the creditor's right and the debt that the parties enjoy. As a kind of legal document, the content of contract refers to the contract terms according to which the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties are determined. Then what exactly should a contract contain?

Personal Information:
Name, ID card number, address, postcode and telephone number of both parties

Contract Information:
1. Object
2. Quantity and Quality
3. Price or Remuneration
4. Time limit, Place and Method of performance
5. Liability for breach of contract
6. Methods of dispute resolution
7. Other attachments that need special marking

1.Signature and seal of both parties, signature and seal of both parties' agents, date of signing
2.The parties may conclude a contract with reference to a model contract .

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