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Asset Management Planning

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Asset management planning is of great importance for business individuals and companies. An asset is defined as a thing that have potential or actual value to the company. It might be a physical assets like machines, infrastructures or intangibles asset like copyright, good will. Asset management is the management of assets in order to create value for a company. It extends over the entire life cycle of assets; from selection up to and including disposal and all phases in between. Good asset management benefits the organization and its stakeholders.

Asset Management Planning- Procedure
1. Learn how asset management planning can help the company.
2. Collect Information about assets in the company, especially assets those are going to be included into the asset management plan.
3. Decide which assets to be more focused on by creating a list by categories the assets by their importance and frequency of use.
4. Create strategies for each types of assets.

Benefits of Asset Management Planning
1. Demonstrated compliance with the requirements and wishes of your stakeholders;
2. Better financial results because of better ROI and/or cost reduction;
3. Informed decisions from multiple angles, such as performance, profit and costs, risks and opportunities;
4. Risks managed when necessary and knowingly existent when acceptable;
5. Higher customer satisfaction;
6. Decisions also based on entire life cycle of assets (also when this exceeds the duration of other plans);
7. Stability of the production in the long term;
8. Improved reputation towards your stakeholders;
9. Demonstrated compliance with regulation and legislation;
10. Traceability of decisions;
11. Improved knowledge management;
12. Increased attractiveness for shareholders.

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