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Shanghai Foreign Representative Office

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Shanghai Foreign Enterprises Permanent Office Service
Shanghai hotline: 021- 68877368

Foreign representative office, also known as resident representative offices of foreign enterprises in China. It is a preferred transition bridge for the enterprises just enter the Chinese market. The approval process for foreign representative office is simple, without registered capital requirements. But it can not make direct representative business activities, which can only represent foreign companiesto do  business contacts, products introduction, market investigation, techology contact and other business activities. Office does not have legal personality, its civil liability is shouldered by foreign companies.

1. Registered capital: no requirement.
2. Name requirements: national or regional name + name + Chinese name of foreign enterprises+ location city.
3. Business scope: can only conduct business headquarters operations within the scope of liaison on behalf of the overseas parent company, such as product promotion, market research, technical exchanges, etc. Direct business activities are forbidden.

Required Documents
Notarized documents for more than two years continuing operation of the parent company.
Notarized bank credit certificate.
The articles of association or notarized organization agreement documents.
Proved document signed by the principaland his passport.
Notarized Chief Representative of appointment documents.
Chief Representative ‘s Resume.
Notarized Chief Representative ‘s passport.
4 Chief Representative’s 2-inch photos.
Lease contract proof.

Time required: 15 working days

Operating period: 3 years’ validity period, living period of the representative office can not exceeds the period of parent company.

Approaching the deadline, Representative Office should hand the application for extension 60 days in advance to departments.

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