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Business Plan of Shanghai Company

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The business plan integrates the industrial operation and capital operation of the project, fully expounds the operation resources, industrial competition, business strategy, business model and operation strategy of the project, and perfectly displays the investment value of the project. It is an indispensable law in the field of investment and financing, a law guiding the operation of the enterprise, and a stepping stone to obtain venture capital.

Purpose of Business Plan
1.Obtain Venture Capital
Excellent business plan can perfectly show the advantages, potential, operation idea and business model of the company and the project to the investors, so as to win the favor of venture capitalists.
2.Access to Government Funds
Report directly to the national development and Reform Commission realize venture capital support.
3.Loan from Bank
Now some banks have also set foot in the field of venture capital. Such business plans are basically consistent with the requirements of professional venture capitalists and consortiums.
4.Merger and Acquisition
In order to reflect their own advantages and values, the acquired enterprises often need to plan perfect business plans, so as to gain initiative and competitive advantage in the process of M & A, and achieve the revenue goal of the enterprise.
5.Planning company and project
The projects in the incubation stage are often vague. By planning the business plan, a complete and feasible venture capital behavior can appear on the paper.

Necessity of Compiling Business Plan
Many domestic projects have the value of development, but the first impression to the investors is that the special terms of the project are not quoted enough, the preparation is not from professional institutions after many project plans are handed to the investors. And the second is that they cannot be customized according to the international financing practices and regulations. This phenomenon is very common in China, which has seriously hindered the pace of project financing. In the prospect analysis of the project, we only focus on benefits, not on risks. Some key data are lack of scientific theoretical basis, resulting in many excellent projects losing good opportunities.

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