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Procedures of Shanghai WFOE Registered Address Change

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The change of registered address for Shanghai WFOE is quite complex than registering a new one. The whole process for the change of registered address for Shanghai WFOE takes around 5-7 weeks. It should however be noted that most of the procedures are subject to approval granted by the governments and therefore some of the procedures may take longer than expected. This article is to give you a brief introduction of Shanghai WFOE registered address.

Step 1: Changing the Shanghai WFOE’s Registered Address
First, the company’s registered information must be changed. A written application (clearly filled in with black ink) should be filed with the original Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) of registration. After the approval of the AIC and on receiving a certificate of relocation from the original AIC of registration,the company can then apply for a new business license from the AIC at its new location. If, however, the new location is outside the jurisdiction of the original AIC, the company must obtain an official reply and approval documents from the new AIC to be submitted to the original registration authority.

Step2: Acquiring New National Organization Code
The next step is to acquire a new National Organization Code (NOC). This must be done within 30 days of changing the registered address and is handled by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The application form, which can be obtained in person or online. After filling out the application form, you should submit the form and other materials( new registration certificate, official company seal, etc) to the relevant authority.

Step3:Changing Registered Info with the Taxation Registration Authority
Finally, the company’s tax registration needs to be changed with the Taxation Registration Authority. As with the NOC, this must be done within 30 days of changing addresses. An application should be made to the local Tax Service Hall and include the documents supporting the change of registration as obtained in Step One. These should be accompanied by the original taxation registration certificate (and copies) issued by the taxation authorities, as well as any other required documents.
This might seem simple, but can actually pose some serious difficulties, particularly if your new address is in a different district. The registered address defines the district where the company pays its local taxes. When the company pays taxes, although delivered locally, a portion is always paid to the State level State Administration of Taxation (SAT)  as well as to the local tax authorities.
There are various other possible changes – such as the company bank account, rights of import and export, and foreign exchange registration – which depending on the circumstances, might also need to be made. This article is intended to provide a rough outline of what is in essence a complicated process, but one crucial to the continuing success of your business in China. Business owners are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance and expertise of an experienced service provider, such as Tannet Group.
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