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Process for Trademark Transfer in Shanghai

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The transfer of a registered trademark means that the trademark owner transfers his registered trademark to another person according to law. The trademark owner is the transferor and the other party is the transferee. When the transferee obtains the exclusive right to use the trademark and pays a certain price, the original trademark owner no longer enjoys the trademark right. The acquisition of the trademark right shall be confirmed by the state in accordance with the legal procedures. Therefore, the transfer of the trademark right is different from the transfer of ordinary property. In addition to the agreement of both parties, the legal procedures must also be performed. Let’s see followings for the main process.

What is the process of trademark transfer and the materials to be provided?
1、The process of trademark transfer includes: application, acceptance, examination, announcement and issuance of transfer certificate.
2、Documents required for trademark transfer:
A. Transfer application and registered trademark application.
B. Identity documents (copies) of the transferor and the transferee (business license and needs to be sealed)
C.The entrusted agent shall submit the power of attorney issued by the transferee, and the original and copy of the ID card of the handler of the transferee shall be submitted directly in the acceptance hall.
D.In case of application for transfer, relevant supporting documents shall also be submitted.
E.If the application document is in a foreign language, a Chinese translation signed and confirmed by the translation agency shall also be provided. The applicant may entrust an organization approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce with the qualification of trademark agency, or directly go to the trademark registration hall of the State Trademark Office.
3、Time of trademark transfer: about 6-10 months.

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