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Documents required for Shanghai WFOE De-registration

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Compared to the establishment of WFOE, the liquidation and de-registration will be more complicated and time consuming. Since it requires several official procedures be completed with different authority, for instance, the early termination of the WFOE shall, after being determined by shareholder of WFOE, be submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval, then the de-register with other competent authorities. This article provide you with information about the documents required for Shanghai WFOE de-registration, hope that would help.

Documents required for Shanghai WFOE De-registration
To start WFOE de-registration, you will need to prepare the following documents :
1.Originals of Certificate of approval, Letter of approval, Business License
2.Taxation registration certificate (2 originals)
3.Enterprise Code certification (2 originals)
4.Statistics registration certificates
5.Foreign exchange accounts permits
6.Written board resolution of Cancellation of WFOE (PTC will provide this)
7.Copy of Legal Representative’s passport (first page, signature page and most recent immigration records’page)
8.Bank Account Certificates
9.All chops of WFOE (Company chop, finance, Legal representative)
10.All accounting related documents: bank statements, invoices of WFOE expenses

After the liquidation is completed, all remaining assets of the WFOE after settlement of all debts and payment of all taxes and employee wages shall be distributed to the shareholder of WFOE. The revocation of the business license of the WFOE means the termination of the status of legal person of the WFOE.

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