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Matters of Shanghai WFOE Cancellation

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Matters of Shanghai WFOE Cancellation Service
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Shanghai Tannet company is a professional agent company for cancellation, we accumulated a lot of experience in practice in last 20 years.

Cancellation Conditions for WFOE Company
1, The company is declared bankrupt according to law;
2, Business term expiration in the articles of association or other reasons for dissolution occurs;
3, Dissolved due to a merger or division;
4, The company was ordered to shut down by law, may apply for cancellation.

Process of WFOE Company Cancellation
Preparation: shareholders (Council), Executive Director (Board) or manager (legal representative) draft cancellation decision, establish a liquidation group, decide the head of the liquidation group, make the record of iquidation groupin industry and commerce bureau.
First of all: to apply for cancellation of foreign investment enterprise approval certificate, to obtain cancellation of the Business Council (early termination) approval documents.
Second: Cleaning company property, make the balance sheet and list of assets; notice the creditors (also published cancellation noticeto deal with the liquidation of the company’s unfinished business; paying the tax owed and taxes generated in the process of liquidation, clean-up claims and debts, settle wages and insurance; deal the remaining property after repaying the debt.
Cancellation of tax registration again, while cancellation of financial registration. 1. cancellation of local tax registration, you must do a full audit of the last three years tax clearance taxes. 2. cancellation of national tax registration, you must do enterprise income tax audits. Then, log out customs registration.

Then: 45 days after publish cancellation notice, has finished the cancellation of tax registration (local and national tax) and the customs registration, and get termination approval of the business departments , and make the cancellation of business registration.
Finally: After getting the cancellation notice in Business, in turn go through the following deregistration.

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