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Shanghai Foreign Company Annual Report

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Shanghai Foreign Company Annual Report Service
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1. What is the annual report?
The annual business report is a public notice system for the annual report of the enterprise organized by the industry and commerce department. Through the annual business report, the public and partners can understand the business situation of the company and ensure the security of the transaction; and through the annual business report, the company can show the image of the company's strength and integrity management to the outside world, which is conducive to the long-term development of the company.

2. What is included in the company's annual report?
1. The capital contribution and assets of the company's shareholders;
2. Contact information and company address;
3. The state of existence of the enterprise;
4. Various changes of the enterprise, such as information on share changes, purchase of equity information, etc.;
5. Information on the website of the company;
6. Number of employees in business, financial information, social security information, etc.
The above is the publicity information that the company's business annual report needs to provide. The enterprise must be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the contents disclosed in the annual report on industry and commerce.

3. What are the consequences of overdue annual report?
1. If the enterprise fails to conduct the annual industrial and commercial report on time, it will be listed in the business exception list by the industrial and commercial department; if the enterprise has not been removed after 3 years, it will be included in the list of seriously illegal and untrustworthy enterprises;
2. After being listed on the list of serious violations of law and trust, enterprises will not be able to lend, invest, enter and exit, participate in bidding, government procurement, etc., seriously affecting personal development;
3. After being listed on the list of serious violations of law and trust, corporate legal persons, etc., will be restricted in registering new companies, operating, and employment qualifications.

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