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Household Registration in Shanghai

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Household registration in Shanghai or in other parts of mainland China serves an important function. In Chinese, we say it hukou, (write in Chinese character as “户口”). This is an identity proof for citizens, recording their basic information and permanent residence. The hukou registration determines access to housing, education, and medical treatment, among other social and welfare provisions.

Among the numerous lessons foreign employers need to learn about as they establish a business in China, getting their employees a hukou, the official household registration record that enables immigrants to enjoy treatment equal to that of a city’s permanent resident, is one of the unavoidable issues that they have to understand and tackle.

Benefits of Household Registration in Shanghai
Some of the most important benefits that are attached to the household registration in Shanghai are listed below:

1. Buying a house
Non-Shanghai residents cannot buy a house if they are single. In the case of married residents, they can buy a house providing they have made social insurance contributions in Shanghai for more than five years.

2. Medical insurance
One’s spouse can enjoy medical insurance treatment even if they are non-Shanghai residents and haven’t joined the medical insurance scheme.

3. Education
Children can go to public schools without extra requirements. For non-Shanghai residents, admission of children to the city’s public schools usually requires the parents to have residence permits and to own a house nearby.

4. Retirement and pension
For non-Shanghai residents, under the current system, pension payments will be made in the city where they have a registered hukou. As different cities maintain different pension standards, their monthly pension payment might be lower than that in Shanghai.

Who Can Apply for Household Registration in Shanghai?
Shanghai’s municipal body has issued guidelines stating who can apply for a Shanghai hukou:
1.Those possessing qualified talent, such as having established a startup, owning patents, founder of or senior management in a leading company;
2.Those who earned at least a bachelor’s degree overseas;
3.Those who have newly graduated from university;
4.Those who are spouses/children/parents of Shanghai-hukou residents;
5.Those who hold a Shanghai residence permit and have contributed to social insurance in the city for at least seven years.

In order to attract the best talent, the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the “Notice of Implementation of Employees Who Studied Overseas Apply for Shanghai Hukou”. Should you have any need, Tannet is always there to help.

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