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Shanghai Company Formation (JV)

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Shanghai company formation (JV) means registering a joint venture in Shanghai. A Joint Venture is a business arrangement in which the participants create a new business entity or official contractual relationship and share investment and operation expenses, management responsibilities, and profits and losses.

The Chinese authorities encourage foreign investors to use this form of company in order to obtain exposure to advanced technology and new management skills. In return, foreign investors can enjoy low labor costs, low production costs and a potentially large Chinese market share.

Documents Required for JV Formation in Shanghai
1. For Chinese partner:
(1) Copies of the IDs of the Chinese and foreign investors;
(2) Copies of Chinese partner's local company business license with company stamp on it;
(3) Copies CPA firm's capital verification report with Chinese partner's company stamp on it;
(4) Copies Chinese partner's last year audit report with company stamp on it;
(5) Copy board director's name list of the Joint Venture;
(6) Copies of Chinese partner's local company's article of association.

2. For Foreign partner:
(1) Certificate of Incorporations or Equivalent document certified by Chinese embassy or Chinese consulate overseas (For individual investor: passport copy of investors need be certified by Chinese embassy or consulate);
(2) Bank Reference Letters from investor’s bank to declare a good standing;
(3) Passport copy of: (i) Parent company's director (ii) China company's Legal Representative and (iii) China company's supervisor;
(4) China Legal Representative provides: 6 photos (2 inches size), brief resume;
(5) Brief profile of the foreign investor(s) including name, address and telephone number;
(6) Registered capital; Business Scope; proposed Chinese names of China JV;
(7) Office address, leasing contract, certificate of real estate ownership, and landlord identification;
(8) Letter of Authorization.

Registration Procedures for JV in Shanghai
Foreign companies are not allowed to directly submit the application documents to the relevant authority. They must retain a PRC entity (like Tannet) that is authorized or permitted by relevant authorities to act as an agent. The agent will submit all the documents to the examination and approval authority on behalf of the foreign enterprise.

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