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Hong Kong Company Tax Filing

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Hong Kong company tax filing is one kind of the follow-up business service of Hong Kong company registration. HongKong business is popular for its favorable business environment, especially for its low tax regime, making it one of the most business-friendly areas around the world. Thefore, to have a basic knowledge on HongKong business tax return is a must for investors.

1. Hong Kong Tax Return - Main Categories
a. Profits Tax
Every business in HongKong is required to file tax return once for a year. Based on the types of business your company is classified into, including limited type and unlimited type, profit tax rate of your business in HongKong can be separately 16.5% and 15%.

b. Salaries Tax
Depending on your salaries, since it has different levels.

2. Hong Kong Tax Return - Types
Generally speaking, HongKong business tax return can be classified into two types: zero tax return and profits tax return, which depends if your company has conducted business and get any profits from HK. If your company does not conduct any business during a year, you just need to file zero tax return to with the government; but if your company conduct business during this year, then your company is required to file profits tax return with bookkeeping and auditing.

3. When to File Your Tax Return
Generally, profits tax return should be filed within 1 month from the date of issue. The compliance date of submission is specified on page 1 of the profits tax return. But for a newly-established business in HongKong, your company is required to file it after about 18 months of registration once getting the taxation notice from Inland Revenue Department of HK.

4. How to File
Generally, based on the fact that if you conduct business or not, your company is required to file it accordingly. But no matter for which type, you just need to turn to Tannet. For profits tax return, you are required to provide related required documents such business proof as contracts, bills of lading, orders, invoices and bank statements, and then Tannet will help you with accounting and auditing; for zero tax return, you just need to provide us with written authorization to file it.

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