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Hong Kong Trademark Registration Introduction

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Hong Kong is the freest trading port in the world. With its excellent infrastructure and sound legal system, it has provided a unique business environment for entrepreneurs. Registered trademark is essential for the development of an enterprise. An independent trademark can build its own brand, protect the copyright of its own products, quickly improve the visibility of the enterprise, enhance its growing competitiveness, and obtain maximum profits. Foreign trade will also be more professional and persuasive, so now more and more small and medium-sized entrepreneurs attach great importance to trademarks.

Documents required for Hong Kong trademarks registration:
1. Power of attorney for trademark registration;
2. The applicant's qualification certificate;
3. Clear logo design;
4. Goods or services sought for registration;
5. T2 Form (prepared by our company)

Time required for trademark registration:
Processing time: 1-2 months
Registration period: 6-8 months

Special reminder on Trademark Registration in Hong Kong
Validity: 10 years
Hong Kong trademark registration neither needs notarization, nor needs certification!

The above is the introduction of Hong Kong trademarks registration, if you need to handle Hong Kong trademark registration, trademark transfer, trademark change, trademark renewal and other services, welcome to contact Shanghai Tannet.
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