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Hongkong Company Audit Report

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After the HK company registration ,if you want to achieve the real business purpose,it's more important to the later period vindicating,a reliable service company with full service equals running a company in HK by yourself. Tannet's follow-up service is very comprehensive,In order to make the entrepreneur to have more understanding of Hong Kong’s condition of business, and methods of management in corporation , Tannet Group carries on the analysis and the comparison and compiles the information and explanation for the audit report for the HK company.

ONE .What is Auditing
Auditing: the business activity corporation must prepare the certified copy of financial statements and auditor’s report where required by Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. The auditor’s report is not required for firm.

TWO. How HK company do tax return
(1) ‘Nil’ profits tax return – for not yet commence business,
(2) Profits tax return only – for firm (liabilities unlimited company ) which commence business, completed bookkeeping is priority,
(3) Profits tax return together with auditor’s report and financial statements – for corporation (liabilities limited company) which commence business.

Three.When HK company do audit report
(1)The basis period of fiscal year is 12 months, the basis period of the first profits tax return for new set up corporation would be permitted to18 moths. The corporations are required to complete and submit it to Inland Revenue Department within one month from the date of issue. The corporation need apply to the Department for such extension time. In the case of first profits tax return for corporations and their first fiscal year exceeds 18 month, they may submit it within three months in block from the date of issued and the application is not required. The block extension scheme as follows-
Accounting Date                     Extended Due Date
1st January    to  31st March            15th November
1st April      to  30th November          30th April of next year
1st December  to  31st December         15th August of next year
(2)the delay of tax returns and the government penalty
If do not to have submitted the tax return by the due date, it is an offence, in the absence of reasonable excuse, may be fined up to HK$1200 and 3 times the amount of tax for year of assessment.

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