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 Open Bank Account in Hong Kong Remotely

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Some say foreigners cannot open a bank account remotely in this financial hub - Hong Kong.

In reality, overseas customers may have several ways to open bank accounts in Hong Kong. But the in-person visit requirement for opening a Hong Kong bank account creates difficulty and inconvenience for foreigners. All applicants (and relevant company directors) wishing to open a bank account in Hong Kong must be present for the application interview in Hong Kong.

Having said that, opening a bank account remotely is still possible with the following solutions:
Branch application
Non-residents can opt for “branch application” as one viable solution to minimize the complexity. They can find the international bank with a foothold in Hong Kong (HSBC for example).
In this way, they can visit the bank right in their home country to fulfill all the needed paperwork before arriving in Hong Kong to complete the final steps for the opening process. Do note that only some banks provide this option, and the individual branch has its own policy regarding this matter. So you should better consult your desired bank or a trusted banking introducer to know about this option at your nearest bank’s branch.

Set up virtual bank accounts in Hong Kong
What makes the digital bank accounts, i.e. Neat business account, really stand out for overseas customers is the fact that it allows remote registration for bank account opening. The modern technologies would be effectively utilized in order to streamline the traditional process and everything completely done online.

Take advantage of the support policies of some Hong Kong banks
During COVID-19, some Hong Kong banks allow businesses to open their corporate bank account without a direct presence in Hong Kong.

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