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What is needed for Hongkong company's bookkeeping

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What is needed for Hongkong company's bookkeeping line: 021-58822399/13816948481

After the HK company registration ,if you want to achieve the real business purpose,it's more important to the later period vindicating,a reliable service company with full service equals running a company in HK by yourself. Tannet's follow-up service is very comprehensive,In order to make the entrepreneur to have more understanding of Hong Kong’s condition of business, and methods of management in corporation , Tannet Group carries on the analysis and the comparison and compiles the information and explanation for what materials are needed for the bookkeeping.

1、Two original copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, and one photo copy of Annual Return (AR 1), Business Registration, and Notification of first Secretary and Director (D1) or NC1 Form;(note:the memorandum and articles of association ,NCI just need to be provided in the first year)

2、All the change’s information of company, (if any);

3、Bank Records and Statements
a.Monthly Bank Statements;
b.All the bank’s transaction advices, pay-in slips and cheque stub.

4、Purchases and Sales
a.Sales: all the sales invoices issued by company;
b.Purchases: all the purchase invoices issued by suppliers.

a.The receipts and vouchers of office expense, telephone and transport fee, courier and postage fee, trips fee, fare and traveling expenses, entertainment expenses, advertising expenses, etc.;
b.Salaries and Wages: Salary tax is one of the taxation in Hong Kong, Present amount of
exemption (allowance) from salary tax is HK$132,000.00;
c.Rental: Rental for office and factory, vehicle renting expenses, etc. the copies of tenancy agreements,
rental receipts or debit notes must be supplied.

6、Fixed Assets: Provide the original copies of invoices for buying the office equipments / fittings,
motor vehicles and property, etc.

7、Other concerning invoices or debit notes

8、Provide initial two months bank statements of the following fiscal year and receipts and payments of 3 to 5 subsequent settlements for carried forward outstanding of sales and purchases. 

9、The date of all invoices, debit notes, vouchers and supporting documents must be within the fiscal year.

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