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Hong Kong Company Annual Declaration

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Hong Kong company annual declaration can also be referred to as Hong Kong company annual examination. Under the laws of Hong Kong, companies incorporated in Hong Kong are required to conduct its annual examination on the anniversary date of incorporation of the company so as to operate legally. As a Hong Kong-based company, Tannet fully understands the business environment of Hong Kong. We provide a full range of services for you to do business in Hong Kong.

Procedures for Annual Examination
1. Signing on the annual return file;
2. Conducting the annual Examination;
3. Renewal of the business registration certificate and delivery of the annual return.

Contents of Annual Examination
1. Delivery of annual return
2. Renewal of the business registration certificate
3. Reappointment of authorized secretary
4. Renewal of the address of registration

Dates for Annual Examination
Within 42 days upon the anniversary of incorporation.

Penalties for Late Annual Examination
The fines charged for late delivery of an annual return:
1. More than 42 days but within 3 months: HKD870;
2. More than 3 months but within 6 months: HKD1,740;
3. More than 6 months but within 9 months: HKD2,610;
4. More than 9 months: HKD3,480.

The company is subject to a fine of HK$300 for the late renewal more than 30 days after the anniversary of incorporation.

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