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Hong Kong Trademark Registration Requirements and Procedures

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Hong Kong trademark registration requirements and procedures are more or less the same as that of China trademark registration. But you should keep in mind that your trademark registered in Hong Kong is only valid with that special administration region. If you want to use it in the mainland China, then you need to file an application for China trademark registration with the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). The following are the requirements and procedures on Hong Kong trademark registration.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration Requirements
A trade mark is a sign that distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from those of others. A trademark can be registered if it is:
(1) The name of a company, individual or firm represented in a special manner;
(2) The signature (except in Chinese characters) of the applicant;
(3) An invented word;
(4) A word that is not either descriptive of the goods or services for which the trademark is used or is not a geographical name or is not a surname; 
(5) Any other distinctive mark.

Generally, there is no restriction on the nationality or place of incorporation of the applicant. To file an application,you need to provide the following information:
1. Applicants full name/address/nationality;
2. Trademark drawing/logo;
3. Classification of the trademark;
4. List of goods and services.

If you file an application in Chinese, the certificate of registration will be in Chinese. Similarly if you file the application in English, the certificate of registration will be in English.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration Procedures
1. File the Application
Upon receipt of your application form (Forms T2 or T2A), the Registrar will issue a receipt notifying you the allotted application number.

2. Deficiencies Checking
Before beginning to examine your application, the Registrar will carry out a thorough check of the application forms and any attachments.

3. Search & Examination
After the deficiencies checking has been completed and all is found to be in order the Registrar will conduct a search of the trademarks records to see if the same or similar trademark has already been registered or been applied for by another trader in respect of the same or similar class of goods and services.

4. Objections
If the requirements for registration are not met the Registrar will object to the mark. You, the applicant, have 6 months in which to meet the requirements. A further 3 months extension may be granted.

5. Publication/Advertisement
Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, it is published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal.

6. Registration
Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, the Registrar of Trade Marks will enter the details of your trademark into the trademarks register and you will be issued with a certificate of registration.

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