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Quanzhou Investment Orientation

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In the future, Quanzhou will continue to grasp the leading enterprises, cast industrial chain and establish enterprises clusters, so as to promote the leading industries to be high-end, the specialty industry to be in cluster development, the emerging industry to be in large-scale as well as the service industry to be specialized, thus accelerating the establishment of the national demonstration city with high quality, facilitating the industry to move into middle and high end, constructing the modern industrial system with simultaneous development of the light and heavy industries, prosperous tertiary industry and deep integration as well as forging the industrial upgrading of Quanzhou.

I. Leading Industry

Petrochemical Engineering Industry
Industry advantage: In 2016, the gross output of the above-scale industries reached RMB 185.5 billion. Quanzhou has obtained great development in the aspect of the petrochemical industry with its distinct regional advantage, excellent harbor and transportation advantage, superior base of the petrochemical industry, huge product marketing space and the powerful industrial supports of the central enterprises. It has promoted the Quangang and Quanhui petrochemical industrial parks to conduct resources integration, advantage linkage and strength upgrading, so as to form a stronger aggregation force. In addition, it also declared to the superior positively, struggling to become the petrochemical park of the national level.

Vision and target: Establish the refining-chemical integration base, petrochemicals trading center, forge the petrochemical industry pilot area on the west coast of the Taiwan Straits, construct the world-class petrochemical base with strong international competitiveness, reach RMB 300 billion in the annual value of production in 2020.

Investment opportunities: Olefin raw material, synthetic fiber and raw materials, raw materials of synthetic resins, plastics and rubber products ( extended to the building materials, packaging, shoes and other functional plastic rubber products), chemical new materials, organic chemical materials, the development and manufacturing of fine chemicals, the circulation transformation of the park and so on.

Textile, shoes and clothes
Industry advantages: the textile, shoes and clothing industries are the traditional pillar industries of Quanzhou. In 2016, the annual output of the above-scale enterprises reached RMB 411.6 billion. As the “Shoes City in China”, “The Base City of the Textile Industry in China”, “The Famous City of the Casual Wear in China”, the production and scales amount of the textile and clothing in Quanzhou occupies 50% of Fujian Province while the production and sales amount of sports shoes occupies 1/4 of the whole country.

Quanzhou has a serious distinct advantages such as complete industry chain, large scale, branding, cluster development and leading function and so on. In the future, it is going to further promote the textile, shoes and clothing industries to the high-end and differentiation development. Moreover, it will also promote the products to the personalized, customized and functionalized development.

Investment opportunities: development of the functional high-end textile fabric, weaving of the high-end cotton spinning gray fabric, the development and application of the industrial textiles, development of the innovative home textile, the establishment of the modern clothing industry chain, the development of new women dress, underwear, T-shirt, children garments and so on, the development of the new materials for shoes with high performance, intelligence and comfort as well as the development of new shoe products.

Building Material and Home Furnishing
Industry advantages: In 2016, the annual output of the above-scale enterprises reached RMB 274.1 billion. As the “Hometown of the building materials in China”, the export volume of the stones in Quanzhou occupies more than 50% of the whole country. It has formed the three leading advantageous industries of building ceramics, stones, plumbing.

With complete industrial chain, high buisness agglomeration degree and strong competitiveness, the three big leading industrial clusters of Jinjiang-Nan’an Building Ceramics Industrial Cluster, Nan’an Stones Industrial Cluster and Nan’an Plumbing Industrial Cluster have formed in Quanzhou. They are the important industrial bases in Fujian Province and even in China.

Investment opportunities: the industrial upgrading and greenization technical transformation of the building material and home furnishing enterprises, the optimization of O2O e-commerce model, the establishment of the building material and home furnishing industrial platform, the implementation of extensive home furnishing strategy.

Mechanical Equipment
Industry advantage: In 2016, the annual output of the above-scale enterprises reached RMB 145.4 billion. As the pilot and demonstration city of “Made in China 2025”, Quanzhou has outstanding industrial characteristics, with big industry scale, sound situation, numerous categories and regional characteristics and so on.

Investment opportunities: 1. Textile and garment machinery, shoe-making machinery, building machinery, food machinery, hygienic products machinery and other industrial machinery, as well as the development and production of high-end tools, special bearings, motor vehicle and its parts, power transmission and distribution equipment, Beidou Satellite application terminal products, intelligent engineering systems and other equipment and devices; 2.develop the intelligent machinery and equipment industry-numerically-controlled machine tool, robot, high-end basic parts, new type sensor, 3D printing (additive manufacturing); 3. Improve the supporting facility for the mechanical equipment industrial chain-establish equipment industrial chain-establish the digital innovation service platform, precise forging center, precise machining center, heat treatment center and other service platforms, improve the technical level of professional areas, integrate and cultivate the inspection agencies, reduce the fabrication processing cost of the mechanical equipment enterprises; 4. Improve the digitization and servitization level of the industry-equipment development and creative design, the process capacity of the processing and manufacturing, information management of the manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing of the products; 5.promote the establishment of the Nan’an, Jinjiang and Luojiang Intelligent Equipment Industrial Parks.

II. Characteristic Industry

Food and Beverage
Industry advantages: there are over 1200 food enterprises in Quanzhou. In2016, the annua1 output of the above-scale enterprises reached RMB93 billion. Then snack food, beverage, aquatic product, fruit and vegetable, tea, grain and oil processing are the main products. In addition, it is the”Hometown of Oolong Tea in China”. Its output of candies ranks the first place in Fujian Province and has an important position throughout the country. The food and beverage industry in Quanzhou has the significant advantages of proper industry layout, remarkable brand efficiency and prominent scale effect and so on.

Investment opportunities: improving the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the food industry, the manufacturing and processing of the food raw and auxiliary material, package and vessel, other productive and service industries involving the supply chain management, product development, product design and consultation, the development of the electronic commerce for selling the food.

Craft Product
Industry advantage: In 2016, the annual output of the above_scale enterprises reached RMB71 billion. The value of export delivery was about RMB34.7 billion. The industrial clusters of the craft products including Hui'an stone and wood carving, Anxi rattan technology, Yongchun bamboo incense, Dehua ceramics, the wood carving of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Area and so on have formed.

It also has established the professional industrial chain of the craft products integrating the design, producing, raw and auxiliary materials assorting, innovation training, sales exhibition and sightseeing into one. Moreover, it was honored as “the City of the Stone Carving in the World”, ”the City of the Rattan Technology in China-Anxi”, ”The Incense city in China-Yongchun Dabu”, “the city of Ceramics in the world”, “the City of Folk Crafts in China-Li City” and so on. All these specialties have become the local important economic pillars and the power source of the economic development.

Investment opportunities: carving technology, ceramics, rattan technology, the manufacturing and development innovation of incense products, e-commerce platform, talents cultivation the construction of professional parks and service platforms.

Paper Printing
Industry advantages: In 2016, the annual output of the above-scale enterprises reached RMB58.9 billion. The leading enterprises of the paper industry in Quanzhou has advanced manufacturing and technical equipment and complete production chain, Quanzhou is located in the center of the paper market in Fujian Province, with the advantages of guaranteed raw material, convenient commodity sales and logistics as well as rapid feedback of production and marketing information. As the strong city in printing in Fujian Province, Quanzhou has four concentrated areas of printing industry, which mainly provide services for food package, shoes and c1othes package, decoration, fruits and vegetables package and so on. It has obvious strengths in pulling the regional economy.

Investment opportunities: the establishment of paper printing park and service platform, transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction, innovative and creative printing, green printing, digital printing and printing digitization, the extension of printing industry and other fields.  

III. Emerging Industries

New Generation of Information Technology
Industry advantages: at present, Quanzhou has formed the industrial cluster of microwave communication, wireless transceiver, digital seeing and hearing, intelligent security and protection, components and parts, materials and batteries and so on. It has established the International Information Technology (Fujian) Industrial Park Data Center of China, which is the top level in the world (T4 leve1) and the biggest data center of high availability. Moreover, the “Core Valley” of Quanzhou is still in the accelerated planning and establishing, with Jinhua Integrated Circuit and Sanan Series Project as the bibcock, so as to cultivate the whole production chain of designing, producing, packaging and testing, terminal utilizing and so on.

Investment opportunities: promote the transformation and upgrading of the information technology of the new generation, improve the industry chain, the high-end software majoring in the mobile communication of the new generation, LED lighting, big data, cloud computing and so on, the development of key technical field, industry generic technology, joint tackling of key technology, the development and manufacturing of Beidou Satellite navigation and communication device, integrated circuit, storage component and other technologies.

New Material
Industry advantages: at present, QuanZhOu has 22 technologica1 supporting platforms of new materials, 6 university research and development institutions, 5 technological innovation strategic alliances and 150 enterprises of new materials and prospective new materials, with emphasis on advanced high polymer materials. advanced textile materials, new building materials, photoelectric information materials, photoelectric information materials and high-performance ceramic materials.

Under the big background of “four leading industries”, the guidance and basic functions of the new materials to the optimization and upgrading of the high and new technology industry are becoming increasingly prominent. In addition, the supporting and facilitation functions of the new materials to the industry transformation and upgrading are also enhancing day by day. So the development prospect is wide.

Investment opportunities: the five areas which are developed in priority are: advanced high polymer materials, advanced textile materials, new building materials, new photoelectric materials and high-performance ceramic materials. The four fields which are cultivated in emphasis are new energy material, graphene material, biology base material, additive (3D) manufacturing material.

New Biological Medicine
Industry advantages: the new biological medicine industry in Quanzhou will integrate “The Belt and Road” strategy and give play to the advantages as being the hometown of overseas Chinese and “Maritime Silk Road” positively, so as to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the biological and new medical industries, achieve leaping development and promote the economic benefit, scientific and technological level, talent teams and so on. Targeting at establishing the bio-engineering and pharmaceutical industry base and important featured pharmaceutical base, Quanzhou emphasized on cultivating medicinal natural plants, modern Chinese medicine, functional food and new ocean medicine and so on.                          

Investment opportunities: the development and production of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine, marine biological medicine, biological product, medical apparatus and instruments, precision medical treatment and health food.  

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection
Industry advantages: there are over 130 energy conservation and environmental protection companies and the units of the relevant industry in Quanzhou. The energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Quanzhou has began to take shape and possessed the political strength, extremely strong environmental management capability advantage, solid basis of the energy-saving industry.

Investment opportunities: the energy saving transformation for key areas and enterprises, the research and development of energy saving technical equipment, the fabrication of energy saving lighting, product manufacturing of the circular using of resource, energy-saving services, the production of energy-efficient products, the production of environmental protection products, environmental service industry and other areas.

Opto-electronics Industry
Industry advantages: the opto-electronic Industry in Quanzhou mainly concentrates on three areas which are respectively solar cell, semiconductor lighting, liquid crystal display (LCD). Some optoelectronics enterprises have distinct development features in their industry subdivision areas, with their technology leading in the whole world. In addition, they possess four big advantages, such as the solid bases of the traditional manufacturing industry, certain independent research and development capabilities, relatively complete solar photovoltaic industry chain as well as solar photovoltaic power generation synchronization experiences.

Investment opportunities: the manufacturing of high-end photoelectric products, technical innovation, market exploitation, the supporting and extending of the industry chain, cross-border e-commerce and so on.

IV. Modern Service Industry

Electronic Commerce
Industry advantages: Quanzhou has the competitive industries of the textile and garment industry, footwear industry, building material and home furnishing industry, food and beverage industry, craft products industry and so on. Moreover, it possesses the congenital advantage of electronic commerce. In recent years, Quanzhou has published“the development road map of the E-commerce Industry in Quanzhou'', “the Three-year Action Plan of E-commerce Development in Quanzhou”, “the Three-year Action Plan of E-commerce Development in Quanzhou(2016-2018)”, “ the Measures of Accelerating the E-commerce Development in Quanzhou” and several other policies in establishing the national demonstration city of e-commerce.

At present, it has become the fourth gathering place of the e-businessman in China. In 2016, the e-commerce transaction amount of the whole city has reached RMB281.68 billion, which has increased 39.4%. In the rank of “2016 China Top l00 Electricity Supplier”, Quanzhou continue to hold a post of seventh nationwide, first in the entire province. In"2016 China's online retai1 top 100 cities" ranked eighth. The accumulative amount of customs declaration of the cross-border e-commerce has reached 4.07 million pieces, with an accumulative supervised product value of RMB 0.6 billion.

Investment opportunities: cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce in the community, e-commerce in the countryside and so on.

Modern Logistics Industry
Industry advantages: Quanzhou gives full play of its harbor, transportation, region, industry and market advantages to establish the West Strait Modern Logistics Center. Emphasized on improving transformation and upgrading of the modern logistics industry by the model innovation of supply chain management and the application of modern information technology, Quanzhou tries to improve the industry chain of modern logistics through the connection of the supply chain, enterprise chain, value chain and space chain, thus developing the regional , hub-type, large-scale, intensive and intelligent modern logistics industrial system and striving to build Quanzhou into the national logistics nodes city in 2020.

Investment opportunities: establish the modern logistics industrial chain, develop the logistics of the manufacturing industry , commercial logistics, harbor logistics, green logistics, cold-chain logistics, airport logistics, intelligent logistics and so on.

Innovative Finance
Industry advantages: Quanzhou is the pilot area for comprehensive reforms of national financial service real economy. As one of the districts with developed private economy, abundant private capital and active informal finance, the financial industry in Quanzhou has obtained several good policies, solid industrial base, steady financial development and sound financial ecology. It has initially formed the real financial service system with Quanzhou characteristics.

Investment opportunities: industrial finance, micro-finance, informal finance, regional assert market, inclusive finance in the countryside, cooperative finance with Taiwan and foreign countries.

Cultural Creative Industry
Industry advantages: in 2015, the cultural industry increment in Quanzhou was RMB 27.667 billion, which ranked first in Fujian Province. The cultural creative industry in Quanzhou possesses active industrial support, rich historical culture resource and the humanistic spirits of “struggling and winning” and obvious constellation effect as well as other advantages. It lays emphasis on developing the industrial design, cartoon game, radio, film and television, advertising and entertainment and etc.

Investment opportunities: the first one is to forge the culture creative industrial cluster to provide services for the manufacturing industries in Quanzhou and even the whole country, with focus on industrial design and advertisement; the second one is to make the culture creative industrial cluster of “Taiwanese Culture Creativity+Modern Culture Creativity” with Taiwanese Culture, Marine Silk Culture and East Asian Culture as the important creation resources, with concentration on arts and crafts, art performance and entertainment, digital content (including movie and cartoon, digital media), cultural creative design and culture exhibition.

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