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Quanzhou Planning Vision

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During the “13th Five Year Plan”, Quanzhou will accelerate the formation of the system mechanism and growth model of leading the new economic development with transformation, upgrading and leaping development as the principal line, with improving the growth quality and efficiency as the center, so as to dedicate to forge a “creative, intelligent, marine silk, beautiful and happy” modernized Quanzhou.

In addition, it will build in an all-round way to be a moderately prosperous society on a higher level, striving to the condition that the total output value of the whole city can be over RMB 1000 billion, with an average annual growth of 8.5% and the gross regional production of more than RMB 100000 per capita in 2020.

Innovative Quanzhou
Deepen the development strategy of innovation drive; support the all-round innovation of the enterprises; form more than one high-end innovative service platforms for every leading industry and emerging industry; with an aim that the percentage of the research input occupies 2% of the gross regional production in 2020; try to be the national demonstration area of independent in innovation.

Intelligent Manufacturing of Quanzhou
Put forth efforts to strengthen the structural reform on the supply side; promote the leading industries to be high-end oriented, specialty industries to be clustering, the emerging industries to be in large-scale; establish “Made in China 2025” Sampling City; Strive to achieve that the percentage of heavy industry can reach 42%, the percentage of the tertiary industry can reach 40% and the percentage of the high and new technology industry increment can reach 16%.

Marine Silk of Quanzhou
Embracing the establishment of antecedence district of Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, Quanzhou will implement ten action plans to accelerate the revival of Quanzhou Port, hold the International Art Festival of the Maritime Silk Road, devote to deepen the commercial communications with countries along the “marine silk” and promote Quanzhou to have bigger, wider and higher development with Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao. Quanzhou will work hard to construct the bay ring area into 233 and achieve the urbanization of the city reaching 68.5% in 2020. It will advance and enrich “marine silk” culture vigorously to continue to establish the city of East Asian Culture and ecological protection core area of Fujian-Taiwan culture.

Beautiful Quanzhou
Carry out the strategy of development priority zones; accelerate the formation of national space system with intensive and efficient production space, livable and moderate living space and picturesque ecological space; develop green productivity vigorously and build the beautiful countryside according to local conditions; advocate green and mild producing and living means to establish the institutional system of ecological civilization.

Happy Quanzhou
Increase input to people’s livelihood; dedicate to supplement the weakness for people’s livelihood; promote the general benefiting and sharing of the basic public service supply, such as education, medical treatment, pension, social insurance, culture and so on; complete the social security system; develop the social public industry vigorously; implement overcoming poverty and solving difficulty project; accelerate the construction of a harmonious society; enhance security construction; promote the overall security, sense of obtaining and happiness of the civilization.

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