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Quanzhou Representative Office Registration (RO)

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Quanzhou representative office registration (RO) is one kind of business incorporation in Quanzhou. Quanzhou is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, but also the ancient "Silk Road on the Sea" starting point. Now, with China's accession to the WTO, more and more foreign companies come to invest in Quanzhou, in order to make more efficient entrepreneurs to understand how the registration of foreign-funded companies, Tannet presents a brief introduction below.

1. Foreign agencies description
Representative offices of foreign enterprises and foreign enterprises in China, also known as the Permanent Representative of agencies, foreign companies in China to set up a representative office of the parent company in the country to contact the business organization, and therefore, the office is not an independent legal entity, not direct profit nature of business activities.

The initial scope of the operation of representative offices should be submitted to the registration office stated in the document, confirmed by the industrial and commercial administrative organs after (special industry to approval), the operator will be provided in the scope of the Permanent Representative of registration cards. Foreign enterprises in China Permanent Representative bodies in their registration certificate only to the extent provided in the activities. A foreign business offices with their users or customers can not engage in direct business activities, nor can we enter into any agreement, so the office can all "indirect commercial activities." 

2. Necessary information needed to be provided
(1) completing the establishment of institutions representative of foreign enterprises applications (two);
(2) space lease contract (leasing management must be registered);
(3) offshore company registration certificates, business registration certificate (opening proved), the membership list of shareholders, directors as books. (Required by the Chinese embassy in the local certification);
(4) banks that financed credit (including account opening date, account numbers, currency, the deposit amount, credit evaluation, etc.);
(5) submitted with the domestic business Photocopies of the information (such as: business contracts, agreements, orders, bills of lading, etc.);
(6) empowers the Office of the Chief Representative of the power of attorney;
(7) Representative Photocopies of identity card or passport, four photographs, biographical notes of the work;
(8) proved last year dutiable.

3. Required documents
Trade Bureau for approval certificates, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to apply for business licenses, tax registration, FAOs code card, registration card technology management, customs registration, legal representative of labor registration, legal representative of residence permits allow, the Office chop (official seals, Sizhang , the Finance Chapter), the bank accounts.

4. The process for foreign agencies
Signed commissioned to submit the required information → sign documents → → foreign trade, industrial and commercial business license documents → → handle tax registration certificate by the Office of Cap (official seals, Sizhang, financial Chapter) → offices basic bank account.

5. Taxation and preferential policies
According to the People's Republic of foreign business income tax and local sales tax law provisions, the Office will pay income tax and foreign business tax, but pay form to be different. The most common is based on the additional cost basis. As in April 2002, such an assessment under way about the tax burden on the Office of operating expenditures 10 percent.

Corporate income tax and business tax, in each quarter, before 15 days to the end of the Office of charge. According to China's relevant tax law, if meet certain conditions, the office can apply for tax exemption request to the relevant authorities. If you need to apply for, we are prepared to discuss with your specific situation.

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