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Quanzhou WFOE Registration

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Quanzhou WFOE registration is one kind of business incorporation in Quanzhou. In Quanzhou China, WFOE were originally conceived for encouraged manufacturing activities that were either export orientated or introduced advanced technology. However, with China's entry into the WTO, these conditions were gradually abolished and the WFOE is increasingly being used for service providers such as a variety of consulting and management services, software development and trading as well.

Preferential policies for foreign-owned Quanzhou
1. Foreign investment in infrastructure projects in a comprehensive compensation policy. In infrastructure construction projects completed 20 percent invested, and upon approval, allow the establishment of relevant tertiary industry. Foreign investment in infrastructure projects, should be exempt from the Department of centimeters relative taxes, to a certain age, their income tax rate of over 15 percent on the amount of income tax, upon approval of their applications, may be the return of 70%.

2. Located in coastal economic development zones and special economic zones, economic and technological development zone of the city's old urban areas, or in other parts of the State Council, provides enterprises with foreign investment, are technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive projects; foreign investment in the 30 million US dollars over the long recovery time investment projects in energy, transportation, port construction projects, reported to the State Administration of Taxation approved the income tax relief. (Tax Law Section 7, Rule 73)

3. Productive enterprises tax breaks. The production of foreign-invested enterprises, (not including oil, natural gas, rare metals, precious metals and other resource exploitation projects), the operator of more than 10 years, from profit from the year of 1 to 2 years are exempted from corporate income tax, 3 ~ 5 years halving the corporate income tax.

Company Name
At the end of the company name to Limited, the company pre-approved for the name of company name generally should composed of the following parts of this: "Quanzhou (city) + Text (traders) + industry (or industry characteristics) + Ltd."; title crown "in Fujian "Companies must meet the" crown enterprises in Fujian province registered management approach "to the relevant provisions; crown name" China "companies are required to Beijing for approval under normal circumstances, the title are foreign-owned companies in strict accordance with the number of registered capital to title.

Registered capital and paid-up capital
In China, the nature of different industries and enterprises, the registered capital are different. The registered capital requirements but also to a certain time frame, must be put in place. Introduction of the registered capital are as follows: consultants type: 100000; trade-registered capital: 500,000, the production: 1 million. Wholly foreign-owned enterprises must be registered in the company after the completion of three months, in place at least 15%, the rest of the phases in place in two years. Registered capital of the larger, investors can inject funds and the government consultation timetable.

Operating processes
1, Denite bidding procedure: instructions (signed the agreement) = "name check a place name =" TAC advances = "to submit the required data =" audit data = "submit the relevant government departments handling =" inform process = " = "notify clients receive information =" pay the balance = "receipt.

2, the process for the government: to the Commerce and Industry Bureau nuclear (reserved firms / name approved) → environmental protection, fire approval → special industry front approval (For) → Trade Bureau to handle foreign investment approval certificate to the Commerce and Industry Bureau → to the Public Security Bureau for license carved seals → designated agencies to apply for enterprises of Quality and Technical Supervision Organization Code to the Inland Revenue Department for a certificate → State, the land tax registration certificate → Administration of Foreign Exchange for Waihuidejizheng / capital accounts to permit → bank accounts → capital funds to open a basic bank account (for non - basic accounts to deposit accounts, including general, temporary deposit accounts, special deposit accounts) to the Customs for import and export registration certificate.

3, customers operating procedures: Overseas investors Board resolution → ascertaining the operating name of the registered capital → determine identified shareholders → appointed legal representative → Chinese companies identified China office location (consider fire safety, environmental factors and if) → notarization for lawyers China's official agencies designated by the signed → bank credit certification → entrusted to handle → name from investors, will invest capital funds into accounts (annotated investment) → Capital Verification → for home after approval.

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