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Quanzhou Investment Policy

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Abstract of "Notification on Measures of Widening Opening Policy and Utilizing Foreign Investment Positively" (State 2017 No.5)

The “Notification” has 20 detailed measures.

The first one is to open wider to the outside world. Amend” Guidance Catalog of Foreign Investment Industry” and the relevant policies and regulations to widen the foreign investment admittance restriction in the service, manufacturing and mining fields. “Made in China 2025” strategic and political measures are also suitable for foreign-funded enterprises, so as to encourage the foreign investors to increase investment and optimize structure in the manufacturing industry. Support the foreign investment to participate in the infrastructure construction in the form of franchise format. The national scientific and technological planning project opens to the foreign enterprises and encourages them to increase the development investment, declare and establish the post-doctoral research workstation. Attract overseas high-level talents to come to China for entrepreneurship and development.

The second one is to further to establish a fair competition environment. The different regions and department must ensure the consistency in conducting the policies and regulations. It is not allowed to give more restrictions to the foreign enterprises. It is required to check the business license and qualification application of the foreign enterprises according to the unified standard, so as to promote that the foreign and domestic-funded enterprises can participate in the standard operations of our country fairly.

The products manufactured by the foreign enterprises must be treated fairly in government purchase. The intellectual property of the foreign enterprises must be also protected strictly. The unified system of the registered capital must be employed to foreign and domestic-funded enterprises. The foreign enterprises are also supported to be listed in master board, SME board, and second board as well as to finance in the bond market. The third one is to strengthen the work of attracting foreign investment. The local government is allowed to publish preferential policies for investment attraction in the legal competence scope and give support for the project with great contributions to the employment, economic development and technical innovation.

In addition, the “Competitive Industry Catalog for Foreign Investment in Central and Western Areas” will be formulated to give preferential policies on the income tax for the enterprises in the central and western areas, as as to support the central and western areas, northeast areas to carry on industrial transfer.

Furthermore, continue to supply land in advanced to the encouraging foreign investment industrial project with intensive land use; promote foreign capital multinational companies to conduct management reform of to the centralized operation of their domestic and foreign funds; simplify the management procedure for foreign investment.

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