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Quanzhou Company Formation

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Quanzhou company formation is one of Tannet's business incorporation services. Quanzhou is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, but also the ancient "Silk Road on the Sea" starting point. With China's accession to the WTO, more and more foreign companies come to invest in Quanzhou, in order to make more efficient entrepreneurs to understand how the registration of foreign-funded companies, we give a brief introcduciton to Quanzhou company formation below.

1. Advantages of Quanzhou-funded enterprises 
1) independent manipulation, easy management;
2) Compared with foreign-funded enterprises set up with the lower cost of capital, reducing the burden on entrepreneurs;
3) easy in the Mainland market access, as long as it is a city set up a corporation, in various cities across the country set up numerous divisions.

2. Required information for Quanzhou company formation
1) Business name three more;
2) the registered capital and operating funding ratio determining the scope;
3) legal representative, and a photocopy of the original shareholders ID card;
4) office address;
5) Original enterprises registered a proxy authorized;
6) Corporate inch of three photographs;
7) statute;
8) Fire, environmental certification certificate (only production-oriented enterprises required);
9) feasibility report (only production-oriented enterprises need).

3. Handling procedures
Instructions → signed an agreement → delivery deposit → investigation (Please provide three or more) → special industry front approval → reopen the temporary accounts → Capital Verification → → licenses for industrial and commercial institutions to the Public Security Bureau, carved seals designated for enterprise organizations → code Certificate → open basic accounts → for national tax, tax tax registration certificates → pay the balance.

4. Scope of services
The business license is, copy / tax, land tax is the tax registration certificate, copy / tax, land tax registration form / Business Certificate Organization Code (IC card) / basic bank account / articles of incorporation / environmental certification / registration cards for Creation seal / official seals, Sizhang, financial Chapter / companies involved in certification (if any) / Capital Verification report.

5. Timeframe
Production: 20-50 working days to complete (in environmental protection, fire protection, sanitation approval up-and-coming).
Non-production: 20-50 working days to complete.

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