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Quanzhou Business Setup (FIE)

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Quanzhou Business Setup (FIE)  in Quanzhou is a common method of creating a business operation in not only in Asian countries, especially in China. Quanzhou, located in Fujian province, is an economy boosting county, greatly welcomes all kinds of legal foreign investment.

Foreign invested enterprise refers to any one of a number of legal structures under which a company can participate in the foreign economy. In China, any one of a number of legal entities can be considered FIEs including equity joint ventures (EJV), cooperative joint ventures (CJV), wholly-owned foreign enterprises (WFOE) and foreign-invested companies limited by shares (FCLS).

Reservation of the Names of FIEs
Before the Chinese and foreign investors enter into any Joint Venture Contract or Articles of Association, they should apply for a reservation of the name of the FIE with the AIC. The AIC will review the name of the FIE and decide whether or not to register the name of the FIE. The time limit for the AIC to make such a decision is within ten days after all the documents are submitted.

The name of an FIE should consist of four parts: trade name, industry, organization form and location. The trade name, industry and organization form must be listed in that sequence. Subject to approval by the SAIC, the name of an FIE may contain no reference to its location.

Registration of FIEs
Within thirty days after the approval authority approves the establishment of an FIE, the investors should apply for the registration of the FIE with the AIC. The AIC should make a decision on whether or not to approve the registration within thirty days after the AIC accepts the application. The company registration system contain* similar provisions. In practice, most AlCs are still following the enterprise registration system in registration of FIEs.

Business License of FIEs
After the AIC decides to register an FIE, it will issue a business license to the FIE. In China, the business licenses issued to FIEs have "the People's Republic of China" before the words "business license". The business license granted to domestic entities does not have "the People's Republic of China" in its title. If the FIE has legal person status, the AIC will issue a Legal Person Business License of the People's Republic of China. If the FIE does not have legal person status, the AIC will issue a Business License of the People's Republic of China.

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