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Quanzhou Investment Advantages

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Quanzhou, formerly known as Chinchew, is a prefecture-level city beside the Taiwan Strait in Fujian Province, China. Its is Fujian's largest metropolitan region. Quanzhou is the biggest automotive market in Fujian; it has the highest rate of private automobile possession.

I. Infrastructure Advantages
Power Supply: 4 transformer substations in 500 KV, 34 transformer substations in 220 KV and 144 transformer substations in 110000 KV have been established, with the total power transformation capacity of 32220000KV and the power installed capacity of 8570000KW.

Communication: There are 2050000 subscribers of fixed-line telephone in the urban and rural areas, 9210000 users of mobile telephone and 1980000 users with Broadband Access, which are leading in the whole country.

Water Supply: There are 9 city waterworks (above the county level) with a daily water supply above 50000 tons. The daily water supply capacity is 1720000 tons.

City construction: Quanzhou’s economic layout is established on the basis of a bay city. In 2015 Quanzhou had a downtown area of 206.5 sqkm, an urbanization ratio of 63.6%, a green coverage rate of 43.16% and a per capita park and greenbelt area of 14.1sqm.

II. Regional traffic advantages
Quanzhou is one of the important origins of the Maritime Silk Road, the only way which is surely to be passed in the north-south thoroughfare of the west shore lane of the pacific and the connecting and hinging city between Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

At present, Quanzhou has 93 quay berths, in which 26 berths are the deep-water berths above 10000dwt. As one of the three biggest ports in Fujian Province, Quanzhou port has opened over 130 transportation routes and 76 containers marine lines. It has sea transportation with over 30 countries and districts in the world. The annual cargo handling capacity of the port has broken through 126 million tons while the handling capacity of the containers has reached 2091400 TEU.

III. Talent Policy Advantages
“Harbor Plan” is carried out in Quanzhou where systematically effective and open talent growth chain is developed to provide strong talent support and intellectual assurance to build a modern Quanzhou with “innovation, creation in wisdom, sea silk, beauty and happiness”.

Develop advantages in industry gathering talent. Keep a foothold in flourishing city through industry and construct “industry gathering talents and talents lead industry” development pattern.

Build innovative base for talents. Innovative breakthroughs are conducted in talents management, investment financing, equity incentives and achievements transformation.

Create a happy family of talents. Accelerate the improvement in city environment to become livable and industrial, solve worries of talents and attract talents to build and enjoy beautiful and happy Quanzhou.

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