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Guangzhou Investment Benefits

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As one of the central cities of China and core cities of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has long been the top choice for multinationals for investment deployment in China since China's reform and opening-up. 

The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020) (the Outline) gave Guangzhou new roles, namely China's central city as well as a comprehensive portal city and a regional culture & education center; It also put forward that Guangzhou shall be built into the "best place" in both urban and rural Guangdong and an metropolis with international exposure and serving China as well.

Profound historical connotations
Today's Guangzhou is an important commercial center of China. With the goal of developing into an international commercial and trade center, it has worldwide reputation for hosting China Import and Export Fair, and the goods made in Guangzhou are sold across the globe. Relying on its unique geographical location and backed by the abundant Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou remains strong as a great oriental port despite twists and turns.

Economic Environment
Since China launched the reform and opening-up campaigns more than 20 years ago, Guangzhou's economy has been expanding at an average annual rate of 13%. Today, Guangzhou ranks third among major Chinese cities in terms of comprehensive economic strength. The city's industrial and agricultural production has been increasing constantly and foreign trade has been growing by leaps and bounds. Guangzhou is a central city in China's economic growth with a solid foundation in industry, a flourishing tertiary industry sector and balanced economic development.

Superior Geographical Location
Guangzhou has superior geographical and regional advantages. In terms of distance, Guangzhou is located in the geometrical center of the economic circle of Southeast Asia and therefore it is equidistant from Japan and Southeast Asian countries within a flight voyage of 3 to 4 hours in general.

Powerful Market Stimulating Effects
As the central city of South China and the Pearl River Delta, one of China's top three economic powerhouses, Guangzhou has long played an essential role in stimulating the economic development of the South. With the formation of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone, Guangzhou's status as an economic hub will grow and its stimulating effects on economic growth will expand throughout Southeast Asia; this will open up enormous business opportunities for multinational companies operating in Guangzhou.

Powerful industrial clusters
Guangzhou has appraised as the "national base for auto and parts export", "national electronic information industrial base", "national pharmaceuticals export base", "national bio-industrial base", "national software industrial base", "national online animation industrial base", "national software export innovation base", "national base for new materials for environmental protection under the Torch Plan", "national high-tech industrial base for the IT industry", "national high-tech industrial base for the new material industry" and "China's service outsourcing base city (demonstration city)", etc.

A huge consumer market
Guangzhou is a huger consumer market, boasting 364.8 billion yuan of citywide retail sales of consumer goods in 2009 and directly leading the consumption concepts and fashions of over 40 million relatively affluent groups in the Pearl River Delta.

Plentiful Foreign Trade Wholesale Markets
Guangzhou has built a wholesale market system with complete functions covering the entire nation and is linked to the international marketplace. In 2006, the city was home to 586 wholesale markets including 115 sizable ones.

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