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Foshan Business Setup: Opportunities for Foreign Investors

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Foshan business setup is an good opportunity for foreign investor to enter into Chinese market. Foshan is the third largest city in China’s wealthy Guangdong Province, and part of the immense Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. Foshan lies on the Fen River in the estuaries making up the west side of the Pearl River Delta. Guangzhou lies 25 kilometers to the northeast, Zhongshan to the southeast, Jiangmen to the south, Qingyuan to the west, and Zhaoqing to the west. The city’s economy revolves around manufacturing, including the production of various types of machinery and equipment. 

Foshan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Approved in December 1992 by the State Council, the Foshan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as FHIDZ) covers an area of about 48.6 km and is located close to the centre of Foshan, benefiting from the city’s proximity to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau.

The area has become one of the most important spots for China’s tech industry, and has developed a complete industrial chain for equipment manufacturing integrating R&D, engineering design, core components, precision machining, system integration, brand promotion, and high-end exhibitions.

The main industries in the FHIDZ include home appliances, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electronics, new materials, optoelectronics, and the more traditional food and beverage, ceramics, and textile businesses. Nanhai Park, in particular, is the biggest park of the FHIDZ. The park has rich land resources, is well located, and is equipped with plentiful infrastructure and facilities.

Favorable Investment Policies
The Foshan government is actively making efforts to change the city’s economic structure by promoting the service industry, and leveraging it to attract investment and support the upgrade of manufacturing. Although the city’s economy is pivoting from its traditional foundation, Foshan’s economic transformation presents new opportunities for foreign investors.

In addition, the local government has made efforts to encourage the growth of the tertiary industry. In particular, the Guangdong Finance High-tech Service Zone, located within Nanhai Park, promotes the growth of financial services and attracts foreign investments in the area.

The Foshan government aims to build a Financial Silicon Valley to provide financial support for the development of high-tech industries throughout Guangdong province and the rest of China, and to attract top talents from both China and abroad.

Tannet’s Services
Along with providing assistance in the company registration and incorporation of wholly foreign owned enterprises, joint ventures or representative offices, we also offer premium accounting and company management services to all our clients. The services we provide include:

(1) Foshan Company Registration (WFOE/JV/RO);
(2) Bank account opening (Hong Kong/overseas account);
(3) Accounting, tax filing and auditing;
(4) Work Visa/Residence Permit application;
(5) Intellectual property protection (trademark, patent, copyright);
(6) Global barcodes registration;
(7) Staff Recruitment and payroll management;
(8) Website design & optimization;
(9) Special permit application.

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