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How to Establish a WFOE in Foshan

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How to establish a WFOE in Foshan? Foshan is a prefecture-level city of Guangdong province. It forms part of the western side of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, which includes Guangzhou to the north and Shenzhen to the east. When investors have plans on establishing WFOE in Foshan, it is better for them to acquire more information about setting up WFOE in order to run a successful business in Foshan. Tannet offers one-stop solutions ranging from buisness setup to company operation and management.

Benefits of Foshan Company Formation
1. Convenient transportation
Foshan is a main interchange for railway routes linking Guangzhou, Hong Kong and western Guangdong Province. There are several Airport Express Lines. The Guangfo Metro line is connecting Guangzhou and Foshan as a part of Guangzhou Metro.

2. Favorable location
Foshan locates in the central part of Guangdong Province, China, which is also the center of the Pearl River Delta. It is to the west of Guangzhou, and to the north of Zhongshan, close Hong Kong and Macau.

3. Promising business market
Foshan is The economy of Foshan ranks the top among all the cities in Guangdong, for it is an important manufacturing industry center of Guangdong. It is also the economy and trade center and an important comprehensive transportation junction of the western part of the Pearl River Delta. In 2017, Foshan was selected as National Civilized City in China, based on the high level of the civilization development of the city.

Introduction to WFOE
Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) is one of ways for foreign investors entering China market. It is a limited liability company with a wider business scope compared to a Representative Office (RO).

For the purpose of set up a WFOE in China, it is required to go through various approval procedures by the local subordinate of the Ministry of Commerce, administration of Industry and Commerce to obtain a business license. WFOE will be legally formed after it obtained its business license.

Basic Information Required
1. Shareholder document: Passport, Business License certificate;
2. Confirmation of the business scope of the Company;
3. A Company name in Chinese;
4. Confirmation of the Registration Capital;
5. Confirmation of the legal person, manager, director, supervisor;
6. Office lease contract.

Tannet’s Services
1. Foshan Company Registration;
2. Work Visa/Permit application;
3. Corporate Bank Account Opening;
4. Accounting, Auditing and Tax Filing;
5. Intellectual Property Services (Trademark, Patent and Copyright);
6. Global Barcodes Application.

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