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Guangzhou Barcode Application

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Barcode consist of prefix part, code of Manufacturers, item code and proofreading code. prefix part in the Barcode is the code that identify state or region .such as 00-09 stand for America, Canada. 45-49 stand for Japan. 690-695 stand for Chinese Mainland, 471 stand for Chinese Taiwan, 489 stand for HongKong.proofreading code editing randomly

Why Use Barcodes
Barcode enable the rapid and un-ambiguous identification of products, assets, documents and people. Using bar code can greatly reduce human errors in data entry and processing, eliminate ambiguities caused by inconsistent approaches to product labeling and mistakes in reading handwriting.

Coding Rule
Chinese Barcode consist of code of Manufacturers (8 digit number) + item code (4 digit number) + proofreading code (1 digit number)

Needed Documents
Business License;
engraving official stamp.

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