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Guangzhou Company's Registered Capital

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In China, registered capital has undergone reforms in recent years in order to attract more high quality foreign investors to China. The latest interpretation of company registered capital in most fields in China is the capital written on the license.

Foreign investors in China have up to 30 years for carrying out capital injection. Foreign investors can also cancel their china company even if they haven’t injected the capital, with no restrictions in most business fields. Nevertheless, it is recommended that all businesses file for registered capital, which can be varied based on different customer needs and industries. 

Guangzhou Company’s Legal Representative
In China, a legal representative of a business is equivalent to the director in Hong Kong and western countries and bears the legitimate right to sign all company related legal instruments along with being responsible for all enterprise operation as well.

A China company’s business bank account’s designated user is the legal representative and is considered to be the legal representative.  This means they must come personally for bank account opening interview, once for personal passport and other information has been collected, and their personal signature has been confirmed.

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