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How To Apply Import and Export Right of Guangzhou Company

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Economic globalization is developing rapidly in the 21st century,the demand for international trade is increasingly strong,many companies want to buy products from other countries, or want to sell our goods with Chinese characteristics abroad, but how to achieve this goal?

Actually, every Guangzhou company can do import and export trade as long as you get import and export right, let’s show you how to apply import and export right of Guangzhou company.

Requirements: should obtain business license first;
2.For domestic capital company, need to include import and export business scope;
3.Whether the business scope of foreign capital company includes import and export business items can apply for import and export right.

1.Apply the registration form for foreign trade managers from Department of Foreign Trade and Economic;
2. Make a registration in the Guangzhou customs;
3. Apply China E-port card;
4. Apply the foreign currency account in the bank;
5. Register company information in the Administration of Foreign Exchange.

3-4 weeks.

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