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Guangzhou Company Registration

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Corporation China is the leading company registration firm in China. We offer Guangzhou Company Registration and help you establish an Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Guangzhou, and we can also provide the registered address in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is a good choice for companies that are in computer software, IT, microelectronics and components, video and audio products, electro-mechanical integration, and key projects of light industry and energy. Meanwhile, newer industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, biotechnology are also on the rise in Guangzhou.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Guangzhou
A Guangzhou Trading Import – Export Company, abbreviated Trading WFOE, is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland Guangzhou-based businesses. It is designed for businesses dealing with wholesale and retail. Unlike other types of WFOEs, an Import and Export License is necessary to establish a Trading WFOE. A trading WFOE is one of four types of WFOEs allowed in Guangzhou.

The unique feature of a WFOE is that the entity is 100% owned, capitalized, and operated by foreign investors without the help of a local partner. A WFOE allows you to maintain greater control over your business operations, and revenue targets. In addition, it allows you to conduct business in Guangzhou on your own without the need of a local partner. A WFOE is the favorable choice for an overseas company that wants to permanently incorporate into mainland Guangzhou.

Business Environment Guangzhou’s dramatic development comes from its diverse economic base. Major industry networks include communications, electronics and the information industry, biomedicine, auto manufacturing, petroleum, sophisticated chemical and steel manufacturing, complete-set equipment manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, household electrical appliances, etc. Guangzhou is the largest consumer market among all mainland cities, supported by the rising income level and massive inflow of tourists. Also considered China’s largest financial center with over 1,430 financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and securities companies, of which 230 were foreign-invested.

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