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How to Register a Guangzhou Company

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A WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) or a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) are the most common type of businesses registered in Guangzhou. Being a limited liability company, a WFOE is able to maximize the full control over the new establishment with minimized risks when structured in the proper manner.

Individual Investor
1.If investors are in Guangzhou, please provide:
Passport original / Office lease contract Original (if applicable)
2.If investors are in foreign countries, please provide:
Passport notarization by Foreign Affair Department in your country and approved by Chinese Embassy or Consulates Located in your country (Original) / Office lease contract Original (if applicable)

Foreign Company Investor
Company Notarization by Foreign Affair Department in the foreign country and approved by China Embassy or Consulates located in foreign country (original)/ Office lease contract Original (if applicable).

Hong Kong Company Investor
HK company is a limited liability company with responsibilities limited to its capital subscribed.

Meanwhile, if the foreign investor uses a foreign individual or a homeland mother company for holding the IT WFOE in China, they could fall in danger of a long-term lawsuit. While, a Hong Kong company holding the WFOE can further prevent the lawsuit and other potential risks.

The owner of the HK company could easily be changed within 1-2 working days to minimize business risks. This could be one of the reason why a Hong Kong company has been used as a shell company or a"protection umbrella" by foreign companies in China.

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