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Foreign children receive education in Guangzhou

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As one of the central cities of China and core cities of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has long been the top choice for multinationals for investment deployment in China since China's reform and opening-up. More and more foreigners come to Guangzhou to set up companies and jobs; the family will move to the Guangzhou side of life,which relates to the education of children of foreigners. Foreign children study in Guangzhou, in accordance with the following conditions and provide information 

1. Application conditions
Long term foreign students to learn, holding a X1 visa entry, 30 days after the entry into the study class residence permit 

2. Application materials
Answer questions and provide the following materials. 
(1) Original and photocopy of valid passport and visa.
(2) Fill out the application form for Foreigner Visa.
(3) Guangdong province foreigner visa photo 1 and the photo of the "test receipt".
(4) Effective registration form for foreigners in Guangzhou.
(5) Health certificate issued by Guangdong entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau (for the first time).
(6) A letter of confirmation of the type of student, study profession and duration of study issued by the University.
(7) Letter of admission.
(8) Other types of visas to enter the country, should also be submitted to the foreign student visa application form.
(9) Other certificates as required by the public security organ.

Note: foreigners who hold a residence permit to study, need to work in school or outside internship, to the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau exit and entry administration department to apply for residence certificates. Need to provide college and internship units agreed to work or internship Proof of the letter, according to the requirements for the application of residence documents to apply for learning materials .

Residence certificates required for the extension of 30 days prior to the expiry date of filing.

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