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Guangzhou Catalogue of Encouraged Foreign Investment

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I. Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Industries
(1) Planting, development and production of woody edible oil, ingredient and industrial raw material;
(2) Cultivation technologies development and production of green and organic vegetables (including edible fungus, watermelon and melon), dried and fresh fruits and tea;
(3) New technology development and production of sugar-yielding crops, fruit trees, forage grass;
(4) Production of flowers and plants, and construction and operation of nursery base;
(5) Planting of rubber, oil palm, sisals and coffees;
(6) Cultivation of traditional Chinese medicines (limited to equity joint venture and contractual joint venture);
(7) Reusing in fields and comprehensive utilization of straws and stalks of crop, development and production of resources of organic fertilizers;
(8) Planting of forest trees (including bamboo) and cultivation of fine strains of forest trees and cultivation of new breed varieties of polyploid trees;
(9) Breeding of aquatic offspring (excluding precious quality varieties peculiar to China);
(10) Construction and operation of ecological environment protection projects preventing and treating desertification and soil erosion such as planting trees and grasses, etc.;
(11) Breeding of aquatic products, cage culture in deep water, large-scale breeding of aquatic products and breeding of eco-ocean products.

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